Leveraging Business Intelligence to Drive Improvements in the Business and Practice of Law

Corporate legal depart­ments generate vast amounts of data on a daily basis.  Understanding how to exploit this data to gain clearer insights and analysis can help department leaders ferret out operational inefficiencies and prioritize legal work and spending – and it provides the potential for leaders and attorneys to more proactively manage their legal practice.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about the legal business intelligence (BI) maturity model – a framework to help you gauge your department's stage of BI maturity and determine the next steps to advance along the BI maturity continuum. Read our paper to learn:

  • The stages and drivers of BI maturity

  • Incremental improvements you can make to advance your use of metrics and reporting for department management

  • How advanced BI can inform the practice of law

  • Technology considerations to accelerate BI maturity

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